Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wiki Leaks Jullian Assange

Let’s start this whole thing out with a little current event action. Recently it has been alleged
that Bradley Manning, a 22-year-old former intelligence analyst, stole a butt load (250,000)
of dispatches from U.S. embassies around the world. Some dating all the way back to the
1960s. For all those who don't know the term cable or dispatch is just a fancy way of saying
secret messages. Supposedly he did it by stealing the files on a flash drive from his post
near Baghdad while pretending to listen to ladynGa Ga. (Classic Move) The diplomatic dispatches
were given to Wiki leaks who gave them to newspapers including the New York Times and for
the Deutsch folks, Der Spiegel. Lots of info on foreign leaders and American wars were
leaked, however no top secret information was included.

So, yesterday I watched Wolf Blitzer in his little situation room. He had the fire in his eyes while
he chewed out some nice type politician, asking who was to blame and how by the beard of Zeus
this could happen. Ol Wolfie was out for blood. I found it interesting that Mr. Blitzer was asking
a politician what was in the cables and who was to blame for letting them out instead of doing
a celebratory dance seeing as he is a member of that good ‘ol fashion muck ruckin
American mainstream media. He should be having a field day relaying a new transparent look
into world politics! Finally! A check on all the bullshit that has been shoveled into our ear canals
by greasy politicians all these years! But Wolf seemed a little too stressed about the stability of our
far reaching military industrial complex and what this means for our two and a half maybe
three meaningless wars! He also expressed concerns about whether our puppet regimes in the
global south (Iraq and Afghanistan) could weather the storm. I also find it interesting- who is on
the other side of this debate? Daniel Ellsberg a former military analysis for the Rand Corporation.
The same Ellsberg who released the “Pentagon Papers”. The ones which helped end Vietnam and
who today is seen as a hero. Ellsberg admires Manning and views him as a patriot and a hero. Don’t
let the mainstream media trick you into getting mad at the fact that you know a whole hell of a
lot more about your government’s doings- especially in such a controversial time.

I also find it overly convenient that Interpol issued a warrant for the arrest of Julian Assange,
the leader of Wiki leaks. The charges are for sex and molestation in Sweden and were filed by two
once consensual sexual partners. The case was dismissed but has recently been called back by a
higher prosecutor. See people? See how vast and how far the reach of your Empire has expanded? We should all be getting wet for a chance to take a peek into the black pit of secrets that is the American role in global society, both militarily and politically.

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